India Sweden Innovation Day

With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution & Globalization 4.0, we stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, consume and relate to one another. The unprecedented pace of technological change means that our systems of health, transportation, safety, communication, production, distribution, and energy – just to name a few – will be completely transformed.

Managing that change can create new business opportunities between India and Sweden. A synergy between these two nations on Government, Industrial, Academic, Cities and Start-Up fronts will lead to a new flavour of innovation and entrepreneurship to build domestic competitiveness. With advances in robotics and artificial intelligence in the context of aging societies like Sweden and growing societies like India, we will have to move from a narrative of production and consumption toward one of sharing, caring creating a more inclusive equitable approach.

Can India and Sweden work even closer together to solve some of the greater issues affecting all humanity. How can the Start-Up Revolution in India and Sweden contribute here? How will the Sweden India partnership using resilient and sustainable Technology, Energy and Innovation based solutions contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Goals?

On the 9th of September as part of Stockholm Tech Week, we will have a focus on the creative force of Industrial/ Government change-makers, start-ups and solutionaries. Two delegations will come from India: Confederation of Indian Industry Tech Delegation and Start Up Tech Delegation with Invest Stockholm/ Sweden India Business Council. The finalists of the Smart City Innovation Hackathon held on 4th and 5th of September shall also present their final pitch (Interested to be part of the Hackathon? hackathon URL).

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Seats are Limited hence preference will be given to individuals/ organizations in Business, Start-ups, Government, Research, Academia, Media, Civil Society.

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Operationalizing India Sweden Innovation Partnership from Government/Policy

Synergies the resources and capabilities of Swedish and Indian governments, industries and the universities to sustain innovation and help create an economic value through India as a potential market. Universities are home to the brightest minds and Industries are where the ideas from the brightest minds can be out into actions, with the support of governments through official channel.


Ratika Jain, CEO, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance

Erik Åstedt, Swedish ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Joakim Appelquist, Head of Department for International Cooperation, Vinnova

Ludvig Lindström, Program Manager, Energimyndigheten


Fredrik Fexe, Executive Vice President, Business Sweden

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Operationalizing India Sweden Innovation partnership from Industry perspective

Leading pharmaceutical and tech giants will provide an industrial perspective and will enlighten us with knowledge and their valuable technological expertise. India is a market with unprecedented potential for growth and this would enable many companies from Sweden to look at India as a market opportunity. The solutions will appeal to most stakeholders involved including the government and academic institutions and how they will set base for further operations in India.


Christian Hedelin, Chief Strategy Officer, Saab AB

Niklas Gustafsson, SVP CTO Office and Volvo Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Mats Norin, Manager 5G for Industries, Ericsson

Anna Åsberg, Vice President Operations IT, Astra Zeneca

Sarbajit Deb, CBO-EVP, Chief Business Officer, Nordic Business Unit, LTI


Fredrik Fexe, Executive Vice President, Business Sweden

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Operationalizing India Sweden Innovation partnership from Academic perspective

Building upon the industrial perspectives, we will also have academicians, students from Sweden and India with holistic views that will touch various topics like economic stability, role of education and society in helping combine the resources in achieving common goals. The solutions that emerge might be abstract in nature and may require fine tuning from the industries and aid from the government.


Östen Ekengren, Executive Vice President, IVL

Prof. Rajeev Thottappillil, Professor in Electric Power Engineering and Design and Regional Director for India cooperations, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

     R. Swaminathan, Uppsala University Gotland Campus


    Fredrik Fexe, Executive Vice President, Business Sweden

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    H.E. Mrs. Monika Kapil Mohta, Ambassador to India in Sweden

    Mr Carl Rosén, Director-General and Head of the Business Department, Ministry for Enterprise and Innovation

    Ms Ratika Jain, CEO, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance

    H.E. Mr Klas Molin, Ambassador to Sweden in India

    Mr Håkan Kingstedt, Chairman, Sweden-India Business Council


    Sanjoo Malhotra, India unlimited CEO, Tasting India Founder

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    Future Transport

    Automotive giants, analyze the possibilities of having a cleaner and sustainable and safer transportation solutions, given India’s diversity and need for efficient transportation systems, especially the railways and metro systems. The resultant solutions should ease the load on current system, stay sustainable and affordable.


    Peter Kronberg, Safety Director, Volvo

    Ratika Jain, CEO, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance

    Jan Thörnqvist, COO, Saab Traffic Management

    Torbjörn Andersson,  Director, Autoliv

    Azra Habibovic, Senior Researcher, RISE Research Institute of Sweden

    Filip Kjellgren , Expert in transportation and traffic safety, Vinnova.


    Niclas Ihren, CEO, Matters Group and Communication Manager, Smart Road

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    Energy Scale-ups: India-Sweden Innovation Accelerator Program

    The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator focuses on innovation-based collaborations on renewable energy and energy efficiency, between India and Sweden. The objective is to build much needed bridges towards joint innovation, research, development, and deployment, which answer to shared needs and are of mutual benefit, as well to respond to the needs of growing demands in an energy constrained world that is also facing climate related challenges. India Sweden Innovation Accelerator has been running since 2013. Introduced 45 – 50 Swedish SMEs with innovative energy solutions. 20+ of these companies are still active in India, more or less on their own, exemplified by 70+ projects of different kind, ranging from pilot projects to commercial. All of them also including Indian partners. November 2018 they opened “Sustainability by Sweden – Showroom India” at Trade Commissioners Office, Embassy of Sweden. It is unique, the only of its kind in the Swedish system


    Stefan Blom, CEO, Regin

    Fredrik Johansson, CEO, FOV Biogas, Sweden

    Joseph Arulappan, CEO, FOV Biogas India

    Andreas Molin, CEO, PPAM Solkraft

    Ludvig Lindström, Program Manager, Energimyndigheten


    Rupali Mehra, Journalist and CEO, Content People AB

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    Aerospace, Defense & Security

    Industry 4.0 in the aviation industry Smart systems in aviation & defence especially, Future proof avionics design solutions, Using Space for collaborative efforts for Innovative solutions.


    Lisa Åbom, CTO Aeronautics SAAB

    Peter Engberg, Head of Traffic System, SAAB

    Stefan Gustafsson, Chief Strategist, Swedish Space Corporation

    Ann-Kristin Adolfsson, MD, Saab Ventures


    Sanjay Suri, European Correspondent, CNN TV 18

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    Networking Lunch


    Start-up Tech Delegation

    Presentation by Air India, Invest Stockholm and Brandie on the Start-Up Tech Delegation and Flight to Stockholm for India Sweden Innovation Day and Stockholm Tech Week.


    Sangeeta Sanyal, General Manager Sweden, Air India

    Anna Gissler, CEO, Invest Stockholm

    Pranav Kosuri, Founder, Brandie

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    Women in Tech

    Women in Tech is an ecosystem with multiple industry leaders as partners, with a purpose pf empowering and increasing women’s presence in technology industry. This involves supporting the current crop of women working in tech and drafting measures that encourage more women to join tech field.


    Malini Agarwal, Founder, Miss Malini

    Lisa Åbom, CTO Aeronautics, SAAB

    Shauravi Malik, Founder, Slurrp Farm

    Sreemoyee Malakar, COO, Lawcubator

    Rupali Waghmare, Commander Dreamliner 787, Air India


    Sanjay Suri, European Correspondent CNN TV 18.

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      Digitalization & A.I.

      The various industries and government have witnessed many applications of AI in recent years, which mainly consist of digital assistance, target advertisements, Cyber security, use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, governance, administration, policy making and exploring further possibilities of a safer and easier life. These will provide the necessary major boost to the digital transformation for both India and Sweden. Addressing the common myths and understanding why Digitalization and A.I. are the way forward.


      Shubho Ghosh, Director Business Development, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.

      Chandralika Hazarika, MD, Bigthinx

      Shruti, Formulate IP

      Ashutosh Trivedi, Co-Founder, Spext

      Prof. Carl-Gustaf Jansson, Professor in Artificial Intelligence at KTH Royal Institute of a Technology.


      Umakanth Soni, Founder, AI Foundry

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      Start-ups: Finance & FinTech

      The finance technological sector is young and is growing at rapid pace which is mainly fueled by large market base, an increasing start-up landscape and friendly governmental policies and regulations. The emerging trend in the blockchain movement, cryptocurrency and implementation of cloud computing. Fintech has played an impactful role in both the Financial and banking sectors and has redefined the ways many companies and firms conduct transactions on a daily basis. The various collaborations of traditional banks with Fintech companies which will lead to new forms of Big data with respect to personalized finance and analytics.


      Sudeshna Singh, Head of Marketing, Tonetag

      Ricky Dhillon, CEO Otivr


      Rohit Radhakrishnan, Nasscom, Lead West at 10,000 Startups

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        Smart City & Smart Village Hackathon

         Final Three Teams Pitch. Starts with A short video, Pitches and a short Q&A.

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        Med Tech & Healthcare

        The Indian MedTech market is very dynamic and the main key factors behind this are healthcare expenditures, technology development, aging population and chronic diseases. Moving from curing disease to preventing diseases with the help of more contemporary developments like IOT and Nanotechnology Medical devices are said to play a key factor in the delivery of quality of health care to the masses. Majority of the devices are imported; the legislation plays a key role in levelling the field between the foreign and domestic manufacturers.


        Anna Åsberg, Vice President Operations IT, Astra Zeneca

        Bhavjot Kaur, Co Founder, Clinikk Healthcare

        Geetha Manjunath, Founder, Niramai

        Mr Bharath Cheluvaraju, Founding Member and Chief Product Officer, Sigtuple

        Tuhin Bhowmick, Co-Founder, Pandorum Technologies


        Shampa Bari, Swecare

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        Start-ups: Food Tech & AgTech

        Sweden and India have different climatic conditions however they both share a long history when it comes to agriculture. 16th century during the time of Gustaf Vasa, Sweden’s agricultural flourish began, and Sweden became a cereal exporting country. India’s tryst with agriculture dates to Indus Valley Civilization and has continued till present day. Agriculture is India’s economy driver. The two nations have key players in cooperative giants like Lantmännen and Amul. Knowledge and technology exchange between the nations in the agriculture field, given the history and experience that comes from it, will reap benefits for the future generations.


        Saurabh Kumar, CEO and Founder, Agricix

        Saleem Javid, CEO, SelectDine

        Meghana Narayan, Founder, Slurrp Farm

        Sanjoo Malhotra, India unlimited  CEO, Tasting India Founder


        Johan Jörgensen, CEO, Sweden FoodTech

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        Smart City Smart Village Hackathon Results and Prize.

        Friman Christoffer, Retail Manager, Emirates

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        SIBC Dialogue | Influencers and Change Makers

        Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC) it one of the world’s most active country to country organizations. It is the first choice network for growing business between Sweden and India. Cecilia Oldne of SIBC in dialogue which Change Makers and Influencers from India and Sweden!


        Cecilia Oldne, SIBC Brand Ambassador


        Malini Agarwal, Founder, Miss Malini Entertainment and Malini’s Girl Tribe

        Anna Kinberg Batra - Sweden-India Business Council's Executive Advisor, Speaker, Author, Leader in residence, Stockholm School of Economics

        Ramarko Sengupta, Senior Editor, YourStory

        Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya, Host at ShunyaOne Podcast/IVM Media, TechEntrepreneur

        Arijit Barman, Deputy Resident Editor, The Economic Times

        Raj Bordia, CEO and Founder, MoodIndia

        Sailesh Tulsan, Founder, 021 Capital

        Poyni Bhatt, CEO, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE)

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          Organized by


          India Unlimited was founded in 2013 to promote cross-cultural ties between India and Sweden. In the last four years the organization has hosted a number of events in Stockholm and Gothenburg showcasing the diversity of Indian cultural, economic and social life. In association with the Indian Embassy in Stockholm, India Unlimited has been a part of events including the visit from the former Indian President, H.E. Shri Pranab Mukherjee; An exhibition of works by Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray; business seminars in collaboration with CII and SIBC on subjects ranging from gender and diversity to smart cities, space, innovation and infrastructure under the Make In India promotion; fashion shows by Tarun Tahiliani and NIFT students; a film festival with speakers including Aparna Sen, Shonali Bose, Naseerudin Shah and Ketan Mehta; a Innovation Hackathon across universities in Sweden; and the day-long festivals – Namaste Stockholm and Namaste Gothenburg in collaboration with Incredible India, that drew thousands to come together and discover the variety and multiculturalism of India.